Ambassadors Are Our Champions

Each year we are proud to host a number of different associations, organizations and groups for their local, provincial, national or international conference or convention.  Many different people play a role in the selection of a city and venue to host a conference or convention, but there is often one key person who makes a bigger impact than anyone might realize.  

Who is the person you ask? We call them an Ambassador. 

An Ambassador is an influential member of a group, association or organization with a passion for their profession, local pride and community roots.  They are individuals who understand the positive impacts of bringing a conference to their city. They know the light that can shine on their local chapter, their members, their colleagues and even on themselves. They can see the opportunity for their city to learn, grow and to shine on a large scale while receiving financial and community benefits from the event.

Destination is key for any conference. “A Planner wants to pick a location that will attract as many delegates as possible – but that alone isn’t enough. They also want an enthusiastic and energetic membership to help with location organization and demonstrate that there is local support for the organization that will be enhanced by holding the meeting there.” Unknown.   The latter is where an ambassador comes in; they are the local connection that sparks and drives local participation. Their passion and vision can help drive the success of an event.

Being an Ambassador can be a great source of pride. An Ambassador can create so many opportunities for so many people.

- Opportunities for local colleagues to have increased access to world class minds by bringing those minds to their community

- Opportunities for their local colleagues to showcase their success, achievements and experiences

- Opportunities for the local community to benefit through spending at local hotels, restaurants, shops, venues, etc.

- Opportunities for personal professional growth and advancement          

Ambassadors are an invaluable part of our business. Each year we celebrate local ambassadors whose passion and dedication has helped us to bring many conferences and conventions to London. Visit for more information on our LCC Ambassadors Awards and to learn about our 2012 LCC Ambassador Award Recipients.  

We challenge you to be an Ambassador! 


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