Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

We don’t often associate the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings with the autumn months. Fall is seen as the end; the end of warmth, the end of sandal weather, and the end of summers spent at the cottage or on the beach. Well, this fall is full of fresh starts and new beginnings at the London Convention Centre – so what better time to give a fresh start to the LCC Blog?

You might be asking yourself, “What are these fresh starts and new beginnings?” Well, we’re excited to announce that we are enhancing this 22-year-old Convention Centre! We envision a space where groups can bond, intimate conversations can take place, and where events and conferences run with ease, no matter how large the scale. This $5 million investment will help us better serve the community, create more local economic growth and bring the world to London!

On Monday, October 19th this process was kicked off with the deconstruction of the theatre, which is the first space that will see transformation. With these changes comes a new beginning for some of the theatre equipment. Instead of heading off to the landfills, upwards of $4000 of used equipment has been donated to the Palace Theatre and the Grand Theatre, giving the lighting, speakers, curtains and much more new life at a different venue in the city. Habitat for Humanity will also be provided with building supplies from the theatre to give a fresh start to families in need of shelter.

It’s time to make an investment in London’s future.

It’s time for more modern, flexible, accessible spaces to meet the needs of sophisticated audiences from London and around the world.

It’s time for upgrades that mirror our everyday commitment to clients - best in class service and expectations exceeded with every interaction.

It’s time to bring even more of the world to London.

It’s time to invest and we can’t wait to get started!

To read more, please visit our Press Release - $5 Million Investment in London Convention Centre Starts Now 

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