Summer Conferences & Summer Fun!

Now that the unofficial start to summer has come and gone, it is hard to get all things summer off of our minds!

Have you ever thought about attending an event, conference or convention during the summer months?  Have you decided against it because, it’s the summer and that’s time for vacations or family? You could skip that summer business trip, or you could take it and turn it into a mini-vacation!

London is a fantastic city all year long, but there is something to be said for summer here in the forest city. Starting in June each summer, weekends in London are filled with festivals, events and so much more; offering something for just about everyone.

Here are just a few of the festivals, events and attractions that are calling you to London this summer (and pretty much every other summer too).

Car Free Festival – June 9th

Fringe Festival – June 6th – 17th

Victoria Park Kids Expo – June 15th – 17th

International Food Festival – June 22nd – 24th

Shrine Circus – June 27th

Caliente Festival Hispano – June 30th

Sunfest 2012 – July 5th – 8th

Bluesfest International London – July 20th – 22nd

Home County Folk Festival – July 20th – 22nd

Pride London Festival – July 22nd – 29th

Rock the Park – July 26th – 28th

London Rib Fest – August 2nd – 6th

Pawlooza – August 18th

Festa Italiana – August 24th – 26th

Western Fair -  September 7th – 16th

While in the city you can take in festivals or visit a number of the shops. You can catch a baseball game featuring either the London Majors or the London Rippers. You can take in a show at the John Labatt Centre or one of the other venues in London.

This is only the beginning of what you can see and do in London during the summer. There are so many options to choose from. Bring your family and spend the day, or better yet the weekend. Enjoy the city or explore the surrounding counties, maybe even take a short drive to the beach at Port Stanley or at Grand Bend.

Travelling to a conference or a convention during summer doesn’t have to be a bummer. Why not attend that summer meeting you tend to opt out of?  Turn it into a summer getaway for you and your loved ones! Have two or more days of great networking, learning and sharing and then have a mini vacation and play in the city with friends or family.

Connect for business and stay to share some fun!

For more information on everything summer in London has to offer check out Tourism London and Downtown London! Or if you feel like venturing outside of the city also check out Ontario Southwest and Tour Middlesex!



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