LCC: 519 661-6200

Underground parking garage
305 parking spots
$10.00 daily flat rate
(Prices subject to change)

City of London: 519 661-4537

Located east end of the Convention Centre
72 parking spots
$10.00 Daily 6am-5pm
$6.00 Evening 5pm-3am
$16.00 Full Day 6am-3am
$2.00 per hour
(Prices subject to change)

Impark: 519-433-7511

Located across the street from the Convention Centre
300 spots
$2.00 per half hour
$8.00 maximum 6am-6pm
$6.00 maximum 6pm-6am
(Prices subject to change) 

Impark: 519-433-7511

Across from Hilton
80 parking spots
$2.00 per half hour
$10.00 maximum 6am-6pm
$6.00 maximum  6pm-6am
(Prices subject to change)


Map of Surrounding Parking

Impark: 519-433-7511

Located in Citi Plaza (formerly Galleria Mall)
1700 Parking Spots
Monday-Friday: $10.00: 6am-6pm
Monday-Friday: $5.00: 6pm-6am
Saturday & Sunday: First 8 hours $3, $2 for every additional hour
(Prices subject to change)

Monthly Parking

The LCC does offer a limited number of monthly parking spaces. Unfortunately these spaces are in high demand and there is currently a substantial waiting list for them. If you have any questions or wish to make further inquires regarding monthly parking please contact Andrea Mendes by email at