The London Convention Centre is committed to protecting our environment and is continuously looking to improve our waste management and energy programs.  Currently efforts are directed to reducing waste and energy use and recycling and reusing as many items as possible while continuing to offer a safe environment for guests and staff.  Purchasing policies include a “Green” emphasis for all our suppliers.  The following is an overview of our efforts.

In 2017, 57% of our total waste was recycled.  Of the 116,263 pounds of recycling/waste, 50,419 lbs was waste.  


Waste & Recycling Summary 

Recyclable Items 2017 2016
Measurement lbs lbs
Recycling Co-Mingled 8,355 7,264
Wood Pallets 3,795 8,613
Organics 38,425 35,329
OCC (Corrugated Cardboard) 15,267 21,286
Deep Fryer Oil 825 1,031.76
Food Waste collected in the Grease Interceptor 47,017  1,534
Waste 50,419 54,763
Percent of Recycled Materials 57% 58%

 Additional Green Efforts

  • 571 lbs of canned good were donated to the Food Bank in 2017. 
  • A total of 6,850 meals from leftover food items were donated to the Men's Mission of London and the Salvation Army. 
  • Through Brewers Retail 16,056 beer bottles and 18,276 liquor bottles were recycled.
  • 100% of all purchased paper products are made from recycled materials.  This includes: paper towels, toilet tissue, serviettes, flip chart paper 
  • 85% of all cleaning solutions purchased in 2017 were green designated.
  • 825 lbs of oil collected by Rothsay was converted to biodiesel. 

Clean & Green Site Clean Up

Each year, the London Convention Centre takes part in London’s Clean & Green initiative by taking approximately 20 minutes to clean up the rubbish around the exterior of our building. Here's a photo of the 2018 clean up!

Clean and Green 2018_0.jpg




Looking for a way to "green" your event? 
Look no further, our Green Meetings Kit has tips for you!

Green Meeting Page 1.jpg


Since 2012 staff from the London Convention Centre have taken part in ReForest London's Annual Tree Planting Ceremony at Celebration Forest near Westminister Pond (pictured at the top of this page). 

The LCC has done this as a part of our commitment to plant a tree with ReForest London on behalf of each new conference or event to book at the LCC since 2012 worth at least $25,000. 

Since launching this program on January 1st 2012, the LCC has planted a tree on behalf of 29 conferences/events and one tree per year on behalf of the LCC. 

We are proud to be continuing this program in 2018.





Coordination of Meeting Room Setup and HVAC systems:

Departments coordinate the set up of meeting rooms to reduce energy requirements. The LCC HVAC system is programmed to provide cooled air 1.5 hours prior to the guest arrival for the larger ballroom and 1 hour prior to guest arrival for smaller rooms. Temperature throughout the LCC is controlled and monitored to reduce energy use. The event services and technical teams set up the meeting rooms together to ensure minimum use of hydro. Offices are equipped with light sensors and lighting throughout is reduced during off peak times.

In 2015 the LCC was awarded a 4 rating (out of 5) by Green Key Global, a leading environmental certification body whose suite of industry standard programs and resources has been designed specifically for the lodging and meetings industries. Green Key Meetings v2.0 takes a comprehensive look at how facilities perform in the following key areas: Core Areas (Energy, Water, Waste), Communication (Information, Training, Policies & Management), Activities (Community, Procurement, Auditing), Health (Wellness Activities, Air Quality, People), Exhibitions and Audiovisual. To learn more about Green Key Meetings, please visit their website