There is a lot to see and discover in London, Ontario. We've created a series of Google Maps to help guests, visitors and even locals better explore London's Downtown Core. 

View the London Culinary Guide!

Downtown Dining 

This map will highlight a diverse number of dining opportunities in Downtown London and a few within a short driving distance. 

LCC.JPG - London Convention Centre     Coffee.JPG  - Coffee & Tea Locations   cocktails.JPG - Places to enjoy an evening drink
home decor.JPG - Healthy Drinks                           Women Clothing.JPG - For your Sweet Tooth      Unisex clothing.JPG - Quick Meal options
Sweets.JPG - Casual & Roadhouses              purple.JPG  - Lunch & Dinner Dine-In options (Business - Fine Dining)
Men Clothing.JPG - Asian                                           Indian food.JPG  - Indian Cusine


Shopping In Downtown London

London is home to a diverse collection of unique shops and stores that offer everything from clothing, to home decor, to outdoor necessities, and much more.

Women Clothing.JPG- Women's clothing/lifestyle                       home decor.JPG - Home decor         book store.JPG - Book shops
Sweets.JPG- Specialty food & drink shops                   Unisex clothing.JPG - Unisex clothing   sports.JPG  - Sporting goods stores
Technology.JPG - Electronics/Electronic Services/Music    Misc.JPG - Miscellaneous - Gifts/cards/accessories/shoes/hobby shops
flower shop.JPG - Flower shops                                               Pharmacy.JPG - Pharmacy             Men Clothing.JPG- Men's Clothing

Entertainment & Attractions

London has multiple entertainment options in the downtown core and beyond.  Whether you're looking for sports, comedy or music - London has something for everyone. 

Sports and Activities.JPG-Sports/Activities           Family Acitvities.JPG-Family Activities     Live Entertainment.JPG-Live Entertainment
Movie Theatres.JPG-Movie Theatre                Music Concert Hall.JPG-Music/Concert Hall

Experience London

The London area is rich with art and culture. Home to numerous museums, heritage sites, galleries and more London offers the artistic and historical mind a plethora of opportunities to enjoy.  

Art Gallery.JPG - Art Galleries & Studios
Movie Theatres.JPG- Theatres
Historic Site.JPG - Historic Site
Museum.JPG - Museum