A 30 Second Pitch for London

I have been appreciating how amazing this city is lately. Summer tends to magnify all of the great things about London. The weather is prime for exploring and experiencing (well with the exception of the +40°C feeling weather we have experienced lately).There are great festivals and events each week. You can park downtown and walk the core and explore all of the different stores.  You can visit one of the museums or historical sites. You can hit one of the many golf courses or go bowling, mini-golfing, water-sliding, go-kart racing or take in a baseball game. You can take in a show or concert at the John Labatt Centre or catch live music or comedy at multiple venues in the city. You can enjoy a fantastic dinner or you can simply walk or bike one of our many trails. The list goes on and on and on and while some of the options may fade with the end of summer (a couple of months from now), they will replaced by many other great options of things to do (like Knights  & Lightning games).

Sometimes as locals, we overlook the things that might astound someone else who is a visitor. While locations that are staples in our city and experiences that are rooted in our community make us happy and excited, we don’t view them with the same childlike wonderment that we once might have.

The London Economic Development Corporation released a new video at their Annual General Meeting last month titled Today/Tonight. It can be viewed here.

It is a great piece of work that showcases London to variety of different people, from new graduates, to entrepreneurs, to professionals, to companies.  While the video is remarkable, we need more than that to sell this city.

We all need to speak up and share when asked or even when not asked, what is so great about this city.

I’m sure you’ve travelled before and been asked where you are from and what London is like.

What did you say?

Was it a short generic answer, or a 30 second sales pitch?

We should all take on the role of a sales person when we’re asked about London or when there is an opportunity to further the image of London in the minds of others.  We all have a great opportunity to help the growth, development and stability of this city by simply sharing everything that we enjoy about this city with others. 

Summer can be particularly inspiring; take a moment to think about your city and develop a 30 second pitch for London. Did you do it? Share it!

Write it in the comments below, post it to YouTube and share a link. We want to hear your 30 second pitches for London! 


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