Put Some Sizzle Into Your Summer

Have we got a treat for you!

We have one of the best Chef's around (ok we are a tad bit biased, but we think he's worth it). David Van Eldik is a Certified Chef de Cuisine (CCC, the highest rank for Canadian Chefs) who, along with his talented team, regularly provides our guests with stunning meals that prompt rave reviews, and even on the spot tweeting.

Our talented culinary team has so much to share when it comes to food and cooking that they came up with this great idea to share some recipes!

Starting July 2nd (or maybe July 3rd since most people will be enjoying a long weekend for Canada Day) we will be sharing summer recipes from our very own Chef David Van Eldik!

Chef has prepared some great recipes for you to try this summer. Some are easier, for the cautious cook in your family, while others are a bit more challenging, for your adventurous cook.

Since it is summer, it is only fitting that the recipes are barbeque ready!

So I bet you're wondering how you get the recipes right?

It's simple!

Next week (when you get back from your long weekend) Head on over to our Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/LdnCC.

If you haven't done it already, "Like" us! 

Once you like us, you will unlock exclusive Sizzling Summer content.

The Sizzling Summer content will be in a box under our time line photo (we'll make sure that you can find it). Click on the box and once it loads, click the download button and voila a PDF should open for you!  

Simple right? Come back each Monday this summer (from the beginning of July until the end of August) and download a new recipe!

Pretty cool eh? You'll be cooking like a Chef in no time!

It doesn't end there though!

We want you to try out each week's recipe, create a meal using that recipe and post a picture of you and your final product to our Facebook wall!

For each recipe that you try and post a picture to our wall, we will give you one entry in a draw to win one of three great prizes. You could win one of two pairs of tickets to the 2nd Annual World Wine & Food Experience happening October 11th to 13th here at the London Convention Centre. It is a phenomenal event with amazing wines, a diverse selection of tantalizing foods, and unbelievable entertainment; it is an event you simply do not want to miss!

Or you could win our Grand Prize. If you win our Grand Prize you could have one of the LCC's Red Seal Chefs be your Chef for the Night! If you provide the ingredients (all food & beverage) and the larger tools (like the BBQ), one of our Chefs will be your chef for the night; they will barbeque a memorable meal for you and up to an additional 9 guests (10 Guest maximum).

As a bonus, we are also going to give you some great summer drink recipes to try out while you're barbequing (please drink responsibly).


Just to keep it clear:

1)”Like” our Facbook page (if you haven’t already)

2) Download the new recipe each Monday from July 2nd to August 27th

3) Try out each recipe, create a meal and take a picture and post it to our Facebook wall over the course of the summer (please include which recipe it is) or simply enjoy the meal if you're not interested in the prizes (you can still enjoy the food!).

4) Receive one entry (one per picture, per recipe) to win one of three great prizes.


So crank up that barbeque and get ready to start grilling! We hope you enjoy some of these great summer recipes from our very our Executive Chef, the one and only Chef David Van Eldik. 




Chef David Van Eldik is my favorite! I was so upset when I was not able to join the event. Hopefully there will be one like this next year. Looking forward to it!

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